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Rafting in Italy

After an exiting vacation in Rome and other parts of Italy, there are still many places left where nature is still very wild and untouched offering all rafting lovers a very special challenge. The water bodies of Italy not only serve as delight to the eyes, but are also a hub of a number of activity-oriented leisure sports. The places particularly famous for river rafting in Italy are Avisio River in Val di Fasssa and Val di Fiemme and Noce River in Val di Sole providing you much with natural beauty, rafting excitation and many more. But if you are looking for some real thrill and excitation after relaxing holidays, Cascate delle Marmore is definitely not a place to miss. It is a very famous water fall located in Umbria about 100 kilometers from Rome and one of the most famous places among all rafting enthusiasts.

The rafting experience in Umbria is breathe taking as it offers three waterfalls for the rafters to choose from plus there is also a finely preserved and equipped park with beautiful belvederes scattered here and there. There's also a club which organizes rafting and hydro speed tours.

Before rafting starts one should take some safety precautions as the river in Italy are very much turbulent, safety precautions include right equipment (a wetsuit, neoprene shoes, a life jacket, a helmet and a paddle), plus a good training course which teaches you to how to paddle in water rapids in Italy, alongside with how to oppose stronger currents. For a good rafting experience six people per raft, plus the trained and qualified guide, are recommended on board.